PP Woven Ground Cover

Our PP woven Ground cover offers a perfect solution for unwanted weed suppression and control. Our fabric is made from 100 % virgin polypropylene granules & special UV and colour additives which give it high tensile strength and UV resistance against the harshest environments and can last for years.

The fabric is woven in such a way that it blocks the sunlight and at the same time lets the air, water & nutrients pass through to the pants. It is resistant to attack by mildew bacteria and most ground insects. Our ground is available in both Stripes and square marking lines and these marking lines can be customized as per the specific requirements also.

We offer a wide range of PP woven ground cover from 3.0 oz to 4.1 oz per square yard and it comes in widths ranging from 3’ to 17.5’ and standard roll length is 300’ but we can offer maximum lengths up to 2500’ if required.

  • 3’ x 300’
  • 4’ x 300’
  • 6’ x 300’
  • 10’ x 300’
  • 12’ x 300’
  • 15’ x 300’
  • 17.5 x 300’

How To Use Ground Cover Fabric Effectively?

  • Prepare the ground for use and clear the area of vegetation by removing sharp stones and objects if any as it could puncture the fabric.
  • Roll out the fabric and cover any size area by simply overlapping the fabric.
  • Cut an X in the fabric to plant through, keep the cut as small as possible. Fold back the corners and dig a hole for the plant.
  • Cover the payed fabric with a good layer of bark, stone chipping, cocoa shell etc. It is important to remove existing grass and weeds by hand or with a systemic weed killer.
  • If surface weed germinate in the mulch cover remove by hand, or with a contact weed killer before they have time establish.
  • To ensure effective weed suppression make sure mulch depth is maintained to a minimum of 50mm.

Why PP Ground Cover?


The fabric blocks sunlight from reaching the soil, preventing weeds from growing.


The fabric is lightweight and easy to cut to size, making it simple to install in any garden or landscaping project.


The fabric helps to prevent erosion and keeps soil in place, making it ideal for use on steep slopes or in areas with heavy foot traffic.


The fabric allows water and air to pass through, helping to keep the soil moist and healthy.

 Technical Details