Industries We Serve

At SRK Incorporation, we understand the unique challenges and demands of various industries. Our products are designed and engineered to meet the specific needs of each sector, ensuring quality, efficiency, and sustainability. Explore the industries we proudly serve.


SRK Incorporation’s geosynthetics and packaging solutions are trusted by construction professionals worldwide. From soil stabilization to erosion control, our products are designed to withstand the rigors of construction environments, ensuring safety, durability, and performance.


In the agricultural sector, our PP woven ground covers and tarpaulin fabrics are essential for weed suppression, moisture retention, and crop protection. SRK Incorporation is committed to supporting farmers and agricultural businesses with innovative solutions that enhance productivity and sustainability.


SRK Incorporation’s PP woven bags and FIBC are tailored to the chemical industry’s stringent requirements. Our products offer safe and efficient packaging for chemicals, ensuring resistance to deterioration, rotting, and biological degradation. Trust SRK for reliable chemical handling solutions.


Our PP woven bags and FIBC are widely used in the cement industry for packaging and bulk handling. Engineered for strength and durability, SRK Incorporation’s products ensure the safe transportation and storage of cement, contributing to the industry’s efficiency and success.

Food & Pharmaceutical

SRK Incorporation’s commitment to quality extends to the food and pharmaceutical industries. Our packaging solutions, including PP woven bags and FIBC, are designed to meet the highest standards of hygiene, safety, and compliance. From food grains to pharmaceutical products, SRK Incorporation ensures integrity and excellence.